1. Will the usage affect brain development?
The general answer is no as these products are 100% natural and have been used for many centuries with studies confirming their safety. However supplements are not recommended for children under 18 and pregnant women. DHA especially as it can interfere with natural brain development in unborn children.

2. What is the proper dosage?
Dosages vary based on the product you are using. Generally it is best to be aware of the recommended dosage and maximum safety dose amount. You may begin at the low end of the spectrum and begin to increase slowly once you hit the right dosage for the results you are after.

3. Do all Cognitive Supplements have the same result?
No, different cognitive supplements can bring about different affects based on their main bio-actives and how these react with brain cells and the body.

4. Will I become addicted to Cognitive supplements?
No, as our range is 100% natural there is no risk of addiction. Usually synthetic cognitive supplements will cause this.

5. Are there any side-effects I should know about?
As mentioned, our product range are of the highest quality and are supported by scientific justification of their safety. However, it is advised to consume within recommended dosages. Different body chemistry can react differently, so if side-effects are encountered such as nausea, dizziness, vomiting, stop consuming immediately.

6. What is the safest way to consume cognitive supplements?
Before taking cognitive supplements or any supplements it is best to consult your doctor if the supplement is the right choice for you. If you are taking any prescription medication it is best to consult your doctor to ensure no adverse reactions come as a result of duel consumption.