About Us

Head Honcho Supplement is dedicated to helping individuals like YOU to #breedsuccess by developing ulta-premium, research-backed, safe, efficacious and ALWAYS natural performance supplements which focus on the 3 pillars of performance: Stress, Testosterone and Sleep. 

By doing so, you will be able to HACK your internal neuro-chemistry and hormones which puts you in a mind set of ELITE performance, a state whereby your confidence, health, wellness, focus, abundance and energy are all aligned for you to crush it in whichever area you wish in life.

By following us we welcome you into the Head Honcho Lifestyle, a culture of driven individuals who strive to be their best and dominate in humble fashion. We give the world our gift in a selfless manner.

Started by biomedical engineer and elite performance expert Tamim Rabaa, he has dedicated his passion for chemistry, the human body and performance to developing a solution for like-minded individuals whose desire is to reach their FULL potential whatever that might be.

Some of Our Core Values

  • Quality - Ensuring all products and all our work is of the highest quality so YOU get the best experience.
  • Safety - Our safety practices do not just apply to our premium performance products but our culture and workplace. Ensuring all workers, brand affiliates and YOU, our beloved customers have a safe brand to trust.
  • Trust - Speaking of trust, we strive to be 100% transparent with our beloved community. Whether it be our product labelling, our ingredients, our test results, we want YOU to have full accessibility to our brand.
  • Efficacy - This is a BIG one, ensuring all our products do what they say they are supposed to do and work the way they are marketed. This is simple when most of our work is sourced from published articles
  • WOW-ing Customer Experience - What we love doing more than creating GREAT products is serving YOU. Whatever you are after, we have your back. Being a HHS customer is guaranteed to have you speechless.
  • Respect - The way we hold ourselves is important to us as we represent you. We respect our products, our customers, our suppliers and everyone we come into contact with. It’s the only way to live a fulfilling and abundant life. Who agrees?
  • Dominate with Humility - It is a given that being a part of the Head Honcho Lifestyle will lead to ultimate success, it’s just what we do and we are proud of it. However, we must remain confident yet humble, selfless and always ready to give a helping hand to bring everyone up with us. We do not tolerate Ego, selfishness, arrogance and other similar traits which give individuals a self of entitlement. We get ONLY what we put it. #letsgetit!


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