60 Day Brain Energy Boost Challenge


Supercharge your energy production!

Congratulations on investing your time into the 60 Day Brain Boosting Challenge.

You are one of many who is interested and passionate about learning more about ways you can control your internal environment and dominate whichever path you take in your life.

This challenge will not be easy, but I assure you that when you have completed it, you will feel healthier, more motivated and disciplined and overall a more energetic person.

Before embarking on your 60 Day Challenge we want to ensure you are fully aligning in order to reap the maximum benefits out of this challenge. You will need only to ensure you have mastered the 5 areas of your diet and lifestyle which will allow your body to be ready for the upgrade.


The Basics

Before embarking on your 40 Day Stress Reduction Challenge, you must master the following points in order to truly feel any improvements.


A toxin free diet

Your body is not subjected to harmful inflammatory toxins such as dairy, heavy metals, gluten etc.


Sleep More

Sleep is important to your brain for many reasons. During sleep, you produce increased levels of growth hormones, which stimulate neurogenesis as well as mitochondrial growth. Sleep also strengthens connections between brain cells and improves your memory by allowing your brain to process experiences and solidify new memories [7].


Ensure your brain has access to high quality fats

Consuming a good amount of high-quality fats throughout the day will ensure your brain has enough fuel to keep it going and avoid triggering a stress response when it is low in fats. Full details on “5 Things you can do right now to Increase Mitochondria Function”

Enough Daily Water Intake

The adequate intake (AI) is recommended on average for Males is 3.1L/day and Females 2.4L/day in the age of 19-30[5]. Drinking this amount of water per day is crucial for homeostasis. Weight management and human performance and functioning especially that of cognitive improvement & mood control [5,6] A lot of people might not realise that having a plentiful supply of water allows your energy producing cells in the body make energy more efficiently for the body as well as other hormones needed for optimum performance.


Stress Less

In order to get the full benefits of this challenge, you must be aware of methods to reduce stress. After all, cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress is mitochondria ‘kryptonite’ – meaning that your mitochondria will by default work at a much less efficiency. This challenge is to enhance mitochondria efficiency, not help them come out of a stressful state. For ways to reduce stress levels, refer to our blog. Link Below!


DisclaimerPlease do not purchase or use Shilajit + CoQ10 until you have mastered the fundamentals of creating a healthy environment for your mitochondria. Shilajit + CoQ10 is an accelerator of mitochondria efficiency. It cannot truly work to its best without addressing the prerequisites. You might find that after completing these 5 steps that you do not need any supplements for now, this is purely for people who wish to further enhance their performance and take themselves to the next level.


Why 60 days?

I am glad you asked! Many clinical studies using PrimaVie Shilajit (Found in your Head Honcho Supplement bottle) have shown that taking this supplement for approximately 8 weeks (60 days) will give you maximum results [5,6]. There have been instances where people have found results within the first 10 days, but why stop there right?

Cycle-Off Periods

As with all supplements, we strongly recommend cycling off every 5 days for 2 days to avoid your body’s natural tolerance and ensure you are getting the maximum out of this challenge. However, if you decide to go the entire way because you feel great, go right ahead!

You have enough servings in your bottle to go the whole way! Also, Shilajit increases testosterone in males, you want to cycle off Shilajit as you don’t want your body to become reliant on it. Instead during these days try other brain boosting techniques such as bare foot yoga or expose your skin (and eyes, the gateways to the brain) to unfiltered sunlight for a few minutes every day

Dosages throughout the challenge

In the first 20 days we recommend 1 x scoops of Shilajit + CoQ10 to start the challenge off. Notice how you feel through the first 20 days, particularly on day 10- where people tend to feel the effects begin to kick in like increased brain energy, efficiency and productivity. Remember to Cycle off every 5 days.

Once you hit day 21 (I’m sure you will since you’ve read this far into the challenge, love the dedication) it is now time to double your dosage to a high range dosage (500mg/day of Shilajit). You should feel the benefits accelerate during this period. As all supplements go, notice your progress, compare to the previous 1 scoop per day period. Take 1 scoop in the morning on an empty stomach and another in the afternoon say around 1-4pm.

From day 41 to 60 it is time to reflect and customise your dosage of Shilajit + CoQ10 based on what worked best for you so far. Focus on this until the finish line. By this time, you will have reaped all the benefits of enhanced mitochondria functioning.

Well Done! It is truly now time to dominate your path.

If you are a gym goer or like the idea of increased testosterone (the life force that can get you anything you want in life), you can continue taking Shilajit + CoQ10 at your own pace for another 45 days (Total 90 days) for enhanced Testosterone according to numerous studies [7]. If you have done so, please send a photo of your challenge card completed and a letter describing your journey to receive a 45-day Testosterone + Challenge + 10% off your next Shilajit Purchase!

Common Q & A’s


First, make sure you are purchasing purified, fully tested Shilajit. Shilajit is perfectly safe even in higher than normal quantities.


For better results we recommend taking Shilajit resin every morning on an empty stomach. To consume, simply dissolve in hot, water, tea or warm milk and drink.

**Consult with your GP or doctor before taking Shilajit**

We wish you all the best with your Brain boosting challenging, Good luck!

For support email tamimr@headhonchosupplements.com


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