April 06, 2021 5 min read

YOU will be shocked by what you’re about to hear.

As we progress as a society, we are faced with more and more challenges. We are bombarded with emails, texts, messages, phone calls, and to-do lists. There has never been a time where there are so many stimuli triggering you to complete a task.

You probably have felt like you’re continuously chasing your tail after tasks to complete in one week but always coming up short and feeling like you did not do enough.

To make this worse, your body experiences heightened levels of emotions like worry, stress, anxiety, fear, anger, and frustration.

The compounded effects can be disastrous on our performance, not to mention the constant fatigue, lack of sleep, brain fog, tight chested, and excessive weight gain leaving you in a cycle of DOOM and not being able to progress in life. 

It’s okay though. This is normal, I guess. Well at least this is what we tell ourselves. I was in this same position once, but after 2 years of research and study, I finally found a way to cope, and I will disclose this to you right NOW.

In order to progress in life faster than anyone else, we need to be aware of our internal hormones and neuro-chemistry which trigger certain feelings, emotions, and actions.

MOST people do not know what is going on chemically in their body, which means they are unaware of the emotional hijacking and let their performance slide as a result. When people are aware of their emotions, it’s like a mechanic who hears his engine make strange clunking sounds on the freeway, makes needed adjustments, and continues along onto his journey.

This is how we need to start thinking about our internal chemistry, and quite frankly, this is the ONLY way as we head into the era where we are falling behind because our efficiencies are being outpaced by computers. Do you want to fall behind? No, I didn’t think so, so hear me out.

You need to be aware of your body's internal chemistry in order to HACK it, which leads to a consistency in performance, meaning you get SHIT done, no matter what external stimuli is triggering you. Yes, of course you can meditate, eat healthy, exercise, but what I am about to disclose is far beyond this.

Introducing an ELITE performance state of mind. This state of mind allows you to crush your tasks, gracefully beat your competition, and shine amongst the rest. You will be sharper, smarter, stronger, more confident, and laser-focused on your goals.

How to reach this state of mind?

Why should you even care?

Well, like me, I had to get to this state. I had loved ones counting on me, and I am sure you do too. So, listen up.

To reach an ELITE performance state, there are 3 things we need to control. These 3 things I call the 3 PILLARS OF ELITE PERFORMANCE. Having these under control allows you to get your mind and body under control, so you can focus on what matters.

The 3 Pillars include:

  1. Stress - More specifically a hormone in your body called Cortisol. An imbalance of cortisol brings about weight gain, difficulty concentrating, headaches, high blood pressure, irritability, muscle weakness, severe fatigue, and more!
  2. Testosterone - A critical performance hormone found in males. Imbalanced levels of testosterone will cause a lack of focus, constant fatigue, decreased performance, low libido, man boobs, and decreased muscle mass.
  3. Sleep - A CRITICAL performance point which needs to be prioritised just as much as diet and exercise. This needs to be ‘TRAINED’ each and every day. Failure to do this will cause inflammation, cortisol imbalances (stress), increased snacking and appetite, increased fat, and decreased mood.

How many of these do you think are optimised right now?

As you can see, these are all interrelated too! An increased level of stress causes lowered testosterone and poor sleep. Once you have poor sleep, your testosterone and cortisol is further imbalanced. What does this cause? In a nutshell, extremely POOR performance, which is why most of us do not progress or progress slowly. And the scary thing is that many people think they’re performing NORMAL.

Guys, I am here to tell you you deserve to live a life better than now! Once we address these issues, you will feel like you’ve GAINED an abundance of energy, focus, drive, motivation, enhanced moods, and everything will come into place. But you need to put in the work. Nothing in life comes easy, you know.

To get things started, I’m offering some QUICK tips to mitigate your levels of stress, which is the trigger to a snowballing effect of poor performance.

  1. Decrease caffeine consumption (Only consume less than 200mg per day - This is around 2 coffees).
  2. Get 15 minutes of Sun exposure in the morning with grounding to reduce stress.
  3. Avoid refined sugar and processed carbohydrates.
  4. Consume 2-3L of water per day.
  5. Practice breath work and gratitude.
  6. Use performance supplements.

As you are performing tasks 1 to 5 as a quick solution to balancing your stress levels, I want to offer you a solution. Our solution. A solution which has been researched and studied for years with engineers, bio-technologists, naturopaths, psychologists, bio-hacking experts, supplements experts, and spirituality gurus. This solution uses ancient remedies to tackle modern day problems.

Introducing Head Honcho Supplement’s fan favourite performance herbs, which couldn’t help to develop to aim SOLELY at the 3 Pillars of Performance. This was the solution I used and continue to use on a daily basis to get me in the frame of ELITE performance.

  • Rhodiola Rosea - An ancient herb used for centuries to BALANCE stress levels, fight off fatigue, and boost mental focus and energy.
  • Shilajit + CoQ10 - An ancient super-herb substance grown in the Himalayan mountains used to BOOST and BALANCE hormones, supercharge brain energy, and contains over 85 minerals and vitamins!
  • Ashwagandha - One of the best herbs in the world which enhances SLEEP, balances STRESS, and RESTORES balance of hormones in both men and women.

As you can now see, these herbs are very relevant in addressing the 3 Pillars of Performance.

We now offer an ELITE Performance Pack which contains all of our performance herbs in a discounted, convenient pack.

It is now used by bio-hackers, supplement gurus,, ELITE athletes, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wishes to get an advantage in their life.

For only $2.5 per day for a 2 month serving, this is perfect to get you started. In addition, download our FREE 60 Day ELITE performance challenge and feel the difference.


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