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So you’re probably here to read about the amazing benefits of Rhodiola rosea! Well you’re in luck! This article will blow you away with the insightful information you’re about to read!

We want you to leave this excited to tell your friends about the amazing super-herb you just discovered and leave you asking the question “Where has this been my whole life?”. So sit back, grab some herbal tea and enjoy the read.

Where do we start? Well, let’s wind back the clock and talk about how Rhodiola was used hundreds of years ago. This super-herb has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for improving many aspects of performance both physically and mentally for hundreds of years now. Fun fact, even the vikings used this herb before heading out on their daily climbs up high altitude mountains and even before battle to improve their performance.

Plus even the Russians used this herb to boost their health and performance and many other aspects. What’s good about this is that this makes Rhodiola very safe knowing that it has been used for hundreds of years and we have now come to know and be aware of the many benefits this herb carries.

Did you have a look at the photo above, quite a pretty plant don’t you agree?

But where does it come from? Good question, well mostly the harsher climates of the world such as the arctic areas of Asia and Eastern Europe. But what is Rhodiola? Rhodiola as implied previously is a herb which has shown to boost mental and physical performance in multiple studies[1]. It is commonly known nowadays for its adaptogen features, a herb which is capable of helping your body and mind deal with stress[2].

Even though the herb has many different chemical compounds within the root, most studies have alluded to only two actives which give the benefits that many people experience, these being the rosavins and salidrosides which are found naturally in the plant in a 3:1 ratio[3].

So now you know a thing or two about Rhodiola, let’s zoom into the 4 juicy reasons people use Rhodiola. You wouldn’t want to miss this, trust me, read on!

  1. Anti-Stress Fighting

So the main reason people use adaptogen herbs is due to its natural ability to lower the stress hormone in the body, commonly known as cortisol[3]. Cortisol levels are at the highest in the morning and start to decrease as the day goes on. A little is okay to boost your performance under pressure but now more and more people are subjected to chronic stress for prolonged periods of time due to high pressured jobs, mortgages, high pressured businesses etc. This is where it starts to get dangerous as excess cortisol may cause the following:

  1. Reduction of performance

  2. Digestion issues

  3. Higher blood pressure

  4. Increased heart rate

  5. Increased craving for sugar

Not what we want when we are out to dominate. Rhodiola can balance your body’s natural cortisol production leaving you feeling more energetic and in a better mood so you can focus on what really matters, let the Rhodiola take over so you can do what you need to do.

  1. Burns Stubborn Belly Fat

Well we are all aware of the fact that eating healthy and exercising may help us lose fat. But what if you want a little edge? Not many people know that Rhodiola has shown to trigger a fat burning response. Namely around the adipose fat tissue found around the belly. All done by our trusty friend, rosavins, which is the active compound in Rhodiola. Also, as Rhodiola decreases sugar cravings there is more of a chance you will not binge on high sugar snacks helping you lose fat faster [4].

  1. It helps fight off fatigue

I do not whatsoever condone getting a crappy quality of sleep but if for whatever reason you do find yourself not being able to get a good quality sleep, like most of us do, then Rhodiola might be the saviour you have been looking for other than your typical cup of Jo. Rhodiola has shown in multiple studies to fight off fatigue symptoms, typical to that of a sleep deprived person. In addition, it helps overcome adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, as well as poor recovery from working out. So I guess you don’t have to be an athlete to take this super-herb, as it is also great for a workplace performance. In several other studies, Rhodiola was also shown to bring on ‘caffeine’ like energy stimulation on the brain giving you a controlled focus, concentration and uplift in energy without the crash and jitter of caffeine[5].

  1. Improves Athletic Endurance

Ok, so this one's for all the athletes reading this. A little something-something to ‘spice’ up your training routine - pun definitely intended, oh wait, Rhodiola is a herb, not a spice, but you get where I was going with it. If you’re not already sold on Rhodiola’s benefits wait till you hear this one! Rhodiola has shown to increase energy, stamina and strength. It does so by fighting off oxidative stress in the body allowing your red blood cells to work much more efficiently [6]. What is quite impressive is that in a study, rats were given Rhodiola and the results were mind blowing. The rats supplemented with Rhodiola increased endurance in swimming by 25%! [7]

If you’re like the many people who have read this article and are hungry to get some Rhodiola in their routine, let’s talk about where to start. So Rhodiola comes in a capsule, tablet, tincture or powder form. You will be needing to look for the root extract that is standardised to 3% rosavins and 1% salidrosides to get the features discussed above. Make sure however the brand you are purchasing from is trusted and can present you all the testing they performed on the product, a lot of dodgy products out there unfortunately.

For dosages, it is recommended to stay within the recommended dosage of 200 - 680 mg per day, anything above that has shown no benefits even a reverse [5]. Through customer feedback and studies the sweet spot is usually around 400 - 500 mg taken once in the morning. However here is the funny thing, most health professionals claim to have Rhodiola on an empty stomach but people claim to get an upset stomach due to the complexity of the herb presenting itself to an empty stomach. So I recommend, which works best for me, is to incorporate it with foods in the morning or when you break your fast. It works very well with MCT oil, caffeine, L-theanine or even in a smoothie.


One more thing before I go, hope you’re not sick of me, but I do need to talk about safety. As Rhodiola has been used for hundreds of years and present in a multitude of clinical studies, Rhodiola is considered safe and non-toxic to the body. If taken outside of the normal recommended dosages (above 700mg), then one might experience mild symptoms such as dry mouth, dizziness, nausea and effects of this nature. Another worthy thing to mention is that to NOT mix Rhodiola and MAOI antidepressant meds together, not a pretty result if you do, it can cause serotonin syndrome when mixed together.

There you have it ladies and gents, the 4 amazing ways Rhodiola could change your life! It will give you that little extra boost in performance to dominate your peers. Leaving them begging you to ask what your secret is to your improved performance, ability to handle any stressful high pressured situation at work and that fat pay rise you've been hanging out for.


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If you found value in this article, leave a comment below or any questions you might have. Thanks all, stay safe and dominate. #breedingsuccess.


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Please give me more info via email about your rhodiola rosea suplement.

Jamie Vasales
Jamie Vasales

March 28, 2020

Love the info! Almost three months in with Rhodiloa being part of my daily routine and I can’t go back! A supplement that truly works

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